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Pilot Automotive GPS Navigation

GPS Systems are driver’s buddies and with Pilot Automotive GPS Navigation System Touch Screen and Wireless Back-up Camera you are sure to getaway on the fastest and safest route without the hassle.

Relevantly, voice navigation is directly proportional to the acquisition of visual direction display. Millions of Points of Interest are stored in its Generation III highly sensitive GPS chipset, highly active Antenna which provides accurate GPS positioning. Prompt voice and visual display renders fast re-route calculations for missed turns. Intelligently designed with simple menus and for easy left or right handed use, large screen with full map array, zoom in or out for a clear visual display. Smart keys, adjustable contrast and color for night and day viewing, 2 GB SD card preloaded with 50 US premium map. Customizable POI (Points of Interest) for easy accessibility.

The whole set comprises 4.3″GPS unit, carrying case, AC and DC adaptor, Back up camera, easy release mount for vehicle maneuverability and 2 GB SD card. Touch-screen with super bright colors, 2D and 3D view options and includes speed alerts. Also features 3 language selections: English, Spanish and French. The Back up camera allows you to have a rear view when your car is in reverse mode. Pilot Automotive GPS Navigation System does not only provide the fastest route, it gives you an option to the shortest, economical, use of freeways and avoids toll roads for your convenience.

Driving has never been this easy, all you need to do is to put your Pilot Automotive GPS Navigation System Touch Screen and Wireless Back up Camera on your vehicle and before you know it you are on your destination.

Garmin Automotive GPS

The easiest way to find information about Garmin automotive GPS is to use Amazon as a research tool to locate the information you want. Amazon allows you to easily find all the product information, technical information, and customer reviews about Garmin automotive GPS in one place.

To start, go to the home page of In the left search input box, select “Electronics” from the drop down box options. In the right search box, enter “gps’. Click the orange “Go” button to the right of the search boxes.

When the new page loads, you will see a rectangle across the top of the search results. Look in the rectangle for “See Most Popular in:” with a list of GPS types listed across the page. Click the “Vehicle” link in this list.

This will display all vehicle GPS on Amazon from all manufacturers sorted in bestselling order.

Now narrow the search down to only the Garmin automotive GPS. To do this, scroll down and look for a box in the left side of the page titled “Brand”. When you find this box, click the “Garmin” link. This will reload the search results pages with only Garmin automotive GPS sorted in best selling order (high to low).

Scroll down the search results pages until you see a Garmin GPS that interests you. Click on the link for the GPS and the product page will open.

There are two important links just under the name of the GPS at the top of the product page.

The first is the link “More about this product”. Clicking on this link will give you the technical and product information. The second link is the one to the customer reviews. It is located to the right of the yellow stars. It is formatted “(NN customer reviews)” where NN is the number of customer reviews on Amazon for the GPS. These two links give you immediate access to volumes of helpful information about the specific GPS. has a web page with pictures and instructions to help you find the Garmin automotive GPS you are looking for. Read the resource information below for more information.

Check Automotive Reviews

Cars are the most striking and impact utility providers. They have more usability as compared to any other vehicles for the individuals. Besides travelling, we can also use them for the pickup and family get together purposes. There are several other advantages as well attached with the car buying thus revealing the significance of car industries in the automotive sector.

Prior to buying a car, one needs to be well informed and have proper knowledge on car buying. You can get the information not only in leading newspapers and magazines but online a as well with the help of the latest automotive reviews. These latest car feedbacks or reviews has number of advantages which enhances the significance of the car buyers.

Keeping in touch

You can be in touch with the latest trends and affairs of the manufacturers by going through the latest car reviews. It covers almost all the leading manufacturers.

The comparison benefits

The neutral touch of other car reviews is rationally important. The evaluation of different latest vehicles through the most recent car reviews helps to select one most suited for your need. These reviews have exclusive coverage and make the readers capable of deciding of car buying by way of comparing features of different vehicles.

The procedure of buying latest cars

The latest car reviews section not only provide the reviews and news of the latest vehicles available in the market but also pass the information and professional come up to of the buying process of latest vehicles. Furthermore, these reviews also make the readers conscious of the features that can make the process of buying car smoother and easier.

Informing about the global cars

With the help of the latest car reviews you can get the sight of the global cars. You can receive the limited stock idea in the physical buying but while going through the latest car reviews, you can have the view of range of different car options and the advantages of these vehicles can be well adjusted in the mind of the readers. You can also receive the knowledge and other information regarding the items that are not available in the country with some efforts, you can approach these car dealers by the car reviews.

Automotive Advertising

Automotive advertising agencies have been forced to take on additional responsibilities in today’s troubled economy. As the President of national network of independent affiliated automotive advertising agencies and the host of an auto industry social networking resource portal I recently promoted the 2010 NADA Convention on my blog talk radio show as a real world venue similar to the online resources that I rely on to listen and learn and contribute to so I can presume to teach.

I consider the NADA convention as a must attend event for automotive advertising agencies, auto dealers, auto industry vendors and decision makers that regularly tune in to listen and learn from the auto industry experts regularly featured on various online resources. The NADA Convention is the real world version of online social networking communities focused on sharing best practices for the auto industry and a perfect platform to make new friends and connect with old ones in both the real and the virtual world.

The NADA Convention is a means to stay ahead of the competition by learning about the new Internet technologies and applications being introduced by the vendors and speakers that will be featured at the convention. The 2010 NADA Convention is being held in Orlando, Florida this February 12th. through February 15th., 2010 at the Orlando Convention Center. Additional information on the convention is available at their site — NADA.Org — and their online pre-registration savings of $50 -$75 has been extended to January 27th., 2010. I strongly advise anyone seeking to survive in today’s consolidating auto industry to register before the deadline to take advantage of the discount with the confidence that your investment of your time and money will provide a R.O.I. that can’t be duplicated by any online auto industry-centric venue; including my own.

My affiliated agencies are connected by a proprietary online communication/distribution system I developed in December of 2001. I designed the operating system that links this national network of independent businesses as a means to leverage the resources of the participating automotive advertising agencies, production partners and select vendors to allow them to compete with national automotive advertising agencies. The resulting savings in fixed and semi-variable expenses coupled with access to a wide variety of production and creative resources for the member agencies was made possible through their use of several online technologies that were developed to support the growing World Wide Web.

I reference this history as evidence that I have practiced what I now preach. These same technologies must be applied to the internal processes of auto dealerships to allow them to survive in a consolidating auto industry. The combination of the resulting efficiencies realized in technology enhanced selling systems in brick and mortar auto dealerships integrated with their online showrooms, and the newly developing applications being applied by automotive advertising agencies to promote their auto dealer clients on the Internet, is the key to profitability today and survival tomorrow.

The NADA Convention allows auto industry vendors to present new cutting edge applications to auto dealers and automotive advertising agencies who are anxious to gain an advantage over the competition. More importantly, in a consolidating auto industry auto dealers must sell more for less to satisfy budget conscious and better educated online car buyers and the technology being applied to sell vehicles on the Internet Super Highway is the way to do it in a scalable and cost effective manner!

The blog talk radio station featured on my portal is another example of how a new technology platform can enhance the reach and performance of an automotive advertising agency in today’s Internet driven marketplace. I use various blog talk radio shows as an online communication system for my network to share best practices and new vendor applications with site visitors surfing the web to get the inside story on the auto industry. In addition, my shows attract new vendors anxious to tell their story to the decision makers who follow me on the World Wide Web which allows me to review cutting edge automotive advertising applications before competing agencies know that they exist.

Several vendor clients of mine were discovered during their online reviews and most of them will be represented at the NADA Convention. Why? Because the NADA Convention is the perfect real world venue to launch new products and services and this year is no exception.

Automotive advertising agencies know that they must apply cutting edge automotive advertising technologies to their online marketing plans that integrate with proven selling processes in their auto dealer clients’ real and virtual world showrooms but they don’t know where to find them. Online automotive advertising focused social networking sites provide an excellent filter to find the newest and the best but the NADA Convention is the place to see them all in one place and one time in an environment where the decision makers from both the automotive advertising agency and the vendor can sit across the table and work out the best deal for both. After all, what are friends for!