Automotive Parts MLM

Amsoil Inc. is another in the long list of unique MLM opportunities I have found while researching MLM’s. Let us look at the possible direct sales marketing opportunity offered here.

Amsoil Inc. has headquarters in Superior, WI founded in 1972 by a man named Al Amatuzio after being a fighter pilot and experiencing the benefits of synthetic oil in airplane engines. He became the first to develop and test synthetic oils and lubricants for the automotive and diesel industry.

The vast array of products offered today range from regular and synthetic motor oils for automotive, diesel, motorcycle and marine engines, gear lubes, transmission oils, hydraulic oils, compressor oils, greases, fuel additives, wiper blades, plugs and wires, waxes and washes and even a clothing and promotional item line.

The opportunity offered by Amsoil Inc. is that of a direct sales marketing or face-to-face approach teamed with internet marketing. The reason to join this opportunity they claim are as follows; a minimal start-up fee about $50 dollars, no inventory, no territory restrictions, no capital investment and no employee expenses.

The distributor is supplied with brochures, tapes, weekly sales meetings and seminars, technical training, reference guides and video comparisons for marketing purposes. The opportunity offered is not only unique but for the experienced direct sales and internet marketer a sound platform. If one likes that style of face-to-face marketing and loves automobiles. However, someone new to internet or direct sales marketing, will likely struggle. There are many options available to make money from home without selling by getting the proper training, coaching and mentoring.